The project FCpoweredRBS Project (Acronym for “Demonstration Project for Power Supply to Telecom Stations through FC technology”) will conduct an EU-wide set of field trials that demonstrate the industrial readiness and market appeal of power generation systems for off-grid Radio Base Station based on fuel cell technology.

This demonstration project, aiming to test FC and H2 on a complete field will constitute the largest such undertaking of its kind in Europe and will contribute to assess the market readiness of FC and the relative H2 infrastructure for this early market putting the participating companies at the forefront of fuel cell technology worldwide for these applications.

Fuel cells may represent a real alternative to standard power sources (batteries and diesel generators) for off-grid Telecom applications and the project aims to prove to potential customers in different industrial sectors their advantages. Furthermore, with respect to this specific but already promising early market the project would allow the EU manufacturer to fill a competitive gap with respect to their USA competitors which are extremely active in this sector.

The FCpoweredRBS Project solution will demonstrate the advantage of a Cells power generation solution substituting standard Diesel generators with a PEM Fuel Cell generator which could be fuelled with pure hydrogen (either locally produced and stored or transported) or with Methanol.

From an energy point of view this solution allows:

  • an effective match with local Renewable Energy generation (mainly PV);
  • a more efficient energy production with zero local emissions;
  • a different match with batteries which could either increase their life or reduce their dimension;


Demonstration Project for Power Supply to Telecom Stations through FC technology